Row 34 Boston wine list

Row 34

This massive Back Bay oyster bar from the folks behind Eastern Standard and Island Creek Oyster Bar is home to a short but hardworking list of wines. Given the predominance…

The Squealing Pig Boston Irish pub

The Squealing Pig

This pub manages to feel simultaneously modern and old school. During the day it’s bright and airy, but when the sun sets it’s time for some serious drinking. From behind…

Brendan Behan Boston Irish pub

Brendan Behan

The Behan is a no-fuss, no-muss kind of pub. You won’t find flat-screen TVs, a credit card machine, hordes of Sox jerseys or even a kitchen. No, The Behan brings…

The Druid Boston Irish pub

The Druid

Tucked into an old mercantile building in Inman Square and surrounded by vintage stores and coffee shops, The Druid is a tiny room of a bar that feels about as…

Drink Boston cocktail bar


Chef Barbara Lynch's Drink has been the stage for a generation of wildly talented Boston bartenders. Inside this massive basement room is three yawning bars meant for drinking.  Behind one…

The Hawthorne Boston cocktail bar

The Hawthorne

Jackson Cannon's cocktail den below the Commonwealth Hotel meanders from bar room to weird hotel lounge with plenty of drinks to help you forget the zebra print chairs. From old…

Brick & Mortar Boston cocktail bar

Brick & Mortar

Though Brick & Mortar makes great cocktails, it's also simply a neighborhood bar. Full of goofballs who know how to make great drinks, Brick & Mortar knows how to party,…