gargoyle and spire cocktail brad parsons

Gargoyle and Spire

Writer Brad Thomas Parsons created this cocktail in a nod his neo-Gothic apartment building in Clinton Hill, Brooklyn, which had been, until the mid-1980s, home to the Brooklyn Cathedral Preparatory…

cobbler illustration

Rye Whiskey Syrup

Equal parts rye and sugar, this strong play on simple syrup is a necessary component of the Bitter Handshake, a recipe from Brad Thomas Parsons' book, Bitters.


Black Scottish Cyclops

Sometimes coming up with a name for an original cocktail is a challenge, and other times it just comes to you when you’re watching a YouTube clip from the multiplayer…


The Long Hello

Damon Boelte, the bar director at Brooklyn’s Prime Meats, has an affinity for naming his original drinks after songs, albums and musicians including this autumnal Champagne cocktail.


Blood Orange Reduction

This jewel-colored winter citrus reduction is one part of the Bitter Handshake, a cocktail by Andrew Bohrer from Brad Thomas Parsons' book, Bitters.

muddler cocktail illustration

Blackberry-Lime Syrup

Sweet-tart and deep, dark purple, this summer simple syrup accompanies the Shady Lane cocktail from Brad Thomas Parsons' book, Bitters.