Horsefeather Whiskey Ginger Cocktail Recipe


Built on a whiskey base and topped with ginger beer and a squeeze of lemon, the Horsefeather reads like southern take on the Moscow Mule.


Kentucky Buck

Traditionally, a buck is made with ginger ale, but in this long, summery cooler Erick Castro uses homemade ginger syrup and soda water to create a bubbly cocktail with more…


Buck (Mule)

(n.) Falling under the umbrella of Coolers, this family of drinks distinguishes itself by the addition of ginger ale as the fizzy component to a base of spirit and citrus…

moscow mule cocktail

Moscow Mule

Born from a long lineage of ginger beer-based buck cocktails, this mixed drink featuring vodka, ginger beer and lime juice was created in the early 1940s. Most accounts credit the…



1. (n.)  A spirit (most often whiskey) mixed with a carbonated beverage in a roughly 1:2 ratio and served in a tall glass over ice. Originally a whisky and soda…

cucumber citrus illustration

Mamie Taylor

A combination of Scotch and ginger beer, the Mamie Taylor was a popular cocktail throughout the first half of the 20th century.