The Espy pub Melbourne

The Esplanade Hotel

Built in 1878, The Esplanade Hotel (known affectionately as "The Epsy") is the oldest continuously running live music venue in Australia. The dingy but cavernous interior smells of beer, sweat,…

The Tote pub Melbourne

The Tote

Since 1980 The Tote has been bastion for punk, metal and hardcore acts—both local and international—and remains one of the last great punk venues in the world. In a testament…

club 21 dive bar portland

Club 21

With its weird walled, castle-like façade, Club 21 looks like a place you played mini-golf at as a kid. Inside, however, it's got the unmistakable feel of a 1970s basement…

the tune inn dc dive bar

The Tune Inn

Guy Fieri loves The Tune Inn, which should turn most discerning people the other way, but it’s been in the District since 1947 and has earned its place on the list…

oscars tavern philly dive bar

Oscar’s Tavern

An old-timey holdout on a Center City street dominated by nouveau-riche destinations, Oscar’s is a classic. Quite simply, Philly would be crappier without this bar, from décor on down. Dive…

notsuoH Houston music venue


A who’s who of Houston artists, musicians and general weirdos make up the bulk of the clientele atnotsuoH, but all are welcome. You might get pulled into a chess game…

clash punk rock bar berlin


Hidden away in a quiet hof (courtyard) behind busy Mehringdamm, Clash is a spacious punk bar with Napalm Death posters on the wall, a pool table in the back and…