Rainbo Club Chicago late night

Rainbo Club

During the week, the Rainbo effortlessly defends its reputation as a timeless, maroon-vinyl-boothed tribute to 1980s post-punk cooldom, luring generations of hipsters who know a legit dive when they smell…

simon's tavern bar chicago

Simon’s Tavern

The neighborhood’s Swedish history lives on in this worn-and-warm tavern, which dedicates one whole wall to a deer-hunting mural featuring regulars from years past. There are also goblets of seasonal…

Cole's Chicago dive bar


An offbeat, welcoming joint surrounded by craft breweries and fancy cocktail houses, Cole’s is a throwback that hosts revolving art exhibits, variety shows, live bands and a mentalist. It also…

Happy Village Chicago dive bar

Happy Village

A hodgepodge establishment of board games, pieced together basement décor, ping pong tables and a goldfish pond-adorned backyard, Happy Village will keep any ADD drinker occupied late into the evening.…