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A classic sherry drink that echoes several classics—the 1:1:1 ratio skews Negroni, while splitting dry vermouth with an oxidized sherry and an olive garnish (or in this case, a blended…

up to date cocktail classic whiskey sherry recipe

Up-To-Date Cocktail

Manhattanesque in both composition and deliciousness, this classic sherry cocktail welcomes bourbon if you prefer your whiskey a little sweeter, or oloroso if you fancy a bit more viscosity.

morning glory cocktail recipe daniel krieger

Morning Glory Fizz

From the name, it can be assumed this drink by late-1800s bartender Harry Johnson is meant to ease greeting the day with the hair of the dog.

gin fizz cocktail recipe daniel krieger

Gin Fizz

The gin iteration of the classic 19th century fizz template may be the most famous, but rightly so, especially when it comes to warm-weather drinking.

sherry flip cocktail

Sherry Flip

One of the original sherry drinks, described as a “very delicious drink” that “gives strength to delicate people.”