japanese cocktail orgeat recipe

Japanese Cocktail

First appearing in Jerry Thomas’s 1862 How to Mix Drinks, the Japanese Cocktail is accompanied with no explanation of its namesake, nor do its ingredients lead one to believe it…



In this play on a classic digestivo, the combination of the natural rosé with the tannins from the teas and the fruitiness of strawberry and hibiscus are accentuated and intensified…

stinger cocktail recipe


This iconic pre-Prohibition cocktail—an unlikely combo of white crème de menthe and cognac shaken and served up—stormed bar menus in the 1920s, becoming a favorite among high society.



Tyler Stevens uses verjus (fresh, unfermented grape juice) in this drink, which features an entire ounce of Peychaud's bitters alongside Pierre Ferrand Ambre.

philadelphia fish house punch recipe

Philadelphia Fish House Punch

As David Wondrich suggests in Imbibe!, Philadelphia Fish House Punch “deserves to be protected by law, taught in the schools, and made a mandatory part of every Fourth of July…


Quoit Punch

This 18th-century punch is named for the flat, heavy rings pitched at posts during afternoon barbecues filled with lawn games and languorous punch drinking.