el cortez brooklyn

El Cortez

From the same people behind Williamsburg's Commodore, Bushwick now has its own version of the quirky, part-tiki neo-dive. Paper umbrellas and destination-worthy nachos abound, with a solid canon of generous frozen drinks (the…


Tattooed Moose

In the former home of Kitty’s Fine Foods, a once loved meat-and-three on the Upper Peninsula, is “The Moose.” From the same folks of Voodoo Tiki Bar & Lounge, it’s…

madams organ washington dc

Madam’s Organ

A play on the name of the bar's neighborhood, Adams Morgan, Madam's Organ is a D.C. institution welcoming in misfits, musicians, punks and artists for over two decades. While the food and…

yur's dive bar portland


The epitome of neighborhood dive, Yur's is cheap, semi-dumpy and stocks enough PBR to satisfy the entire city. It's owned by a former Washington Redskins player, and has become an…