delilah's bar chicago


Any lived-in, urban dive that pays homage to Joe Strummer, pinball and whiskey in equal measure, could be a potential classic. Delilah’s—dark, friendly and loud—is. It boasts more than 600…

Cole's Chicago dive bar


An offbeat, welcoming joint surrounded by craft breweries and fancy cocktail houses, Cole’s is a throwback that hosts revolving art exhibits, variety shows, live bands and a mentalist. It also…

carol's bar chicago

Carol’s Pub

The clientele at this rowdy 4 a.m. country bar is unlike any other in Chicago. Old winos, yuppies, cougars, college kids and urban hillbillies all come together to dance and…

clash punk rock bar berlin


Hidden away in a quiet hof (courtyard) behind busy Mehringdamm, Clash is a spacious punk bar with Napalm Death posters on the wall, a pool table in the back and…

Das Hotel Berlin dive bar

Das Hotel

Lit primarily by candlelight and busy until the early hours almost every night of the week, Hotel is arguably the most perfect distillation of what makes a Berlin bar unique.…

Zur Fetten Ecke Berlin dive bar

Zur Fetten Ecke

Low lights, comfortable seats and a relaxed vibe make Zur Fetten Ecke a first choice among the myriad bars around Schlesisches Tor. The skull-and-blackletter logo on the sign of this…