Lucy has been bartending at Lucy's before it was called Lucy's. Most nights, the Polish owner is still there popping beer bottles and pouring whiskies. The bar, overlooking Thompson Square…

showtime lounge dc

Showtime Lounge

Primarily a jukebox joint, Showtime has a stellar collection of R&B and vintage soul curated by owner and DJ Paul Vivari. And, best of all, it's free. Drinks aren’t much…

rave ngrill dive bar dc

The Raven Grill

The funny thing about the Raven—which holds Washington, D.C.’s oldest liquor license—is that it’s called a “grill” and has a neon sign that reads “cocktails,” yet it offers neither food…

ray's happy birthday bar philadelphia

Ray’s Happy Birthday Bar

Adjacent to “Cheesesteak Vegas”—the searing neon tourist-trappy block featuring Pat’s and Geno’s—Ray’s caters to all facets of South Philly. That includes early risers. The bar, which, true to form, offers…

oscars tavern philly dive bar

Oscar’s Tavern

An old-timey holdout on a Center City street dominated by nouveau-riche destinations, Oscar’s is a classic. Quite simply, Philly would be crappier without this bar, from décor on down. Dive…