el bar dive bar philly

El Bar

The “El” in the name of this quintessential Kensington dive is not a Spanish article, but a reference to the elevated Market-Frankford trains that rattle overhead. The no-nonsense drinkers here—a…

12 steps down philly

12 Steps Down

A dozen concrete steps below the Italian Market sidewalk lies this “group therapy bar,” so focused on quality drinking that it openly mocks the principles of AA. They have all…

Sunny's Houston dive bar


Sunny’s is like a portal into an alternate universe nestled into a small downtown storefront. Don’t let the harsh lighting fool you; Sunny’s is serious about having a good time—sort…

poison girl houston

Poison Girl

Arguably the whiskey-soaked heart of Montrose, Poison Girl is like a grown-up bar with a dive bar for a spirit animal. Behind the roll-up door is one of the city’s…

Shiloh Club Houston dive bar

Shiloh Club

The Shiloh Club is no passing fancy. This is a place for dedicated drinkers, many who have been at their task and in their stools for longer than you’ve been…

das gift bar berlin

Das Gift

The rapid gentrification of Neukölln has resulted in the appearance of countless divey watering holes with unplastered walls, tastefully mismatched furniture and hip clientele. While Das Gift ("gift," by the…


Li Po Lounge

A revered dive in San Francisco’s Chinatown, Li Po Lounge has remained relatively unchanged since opening in the 1930s. Considered by many to be the neighborhood's best dive, Li Po tends to…