Ä Berlin dive bar


Located at the corner of Weserstraße and Fuldastraße—the epicentre of gentrification in the once-sketchy borough of Neukölln—Ä is the kind of effortlessly hip, artfully divey bar that Berlin does so…


Trad’r Sam’s

With roots in the Richmond long before the recent tiki movement, Trad’r Sam’s ignores the call for lavish decor and artisanal rum in favor of lowbrow cheap, sweet island-inspired cocktails. While…


Bar Tonique

Bar Tonique is the kind of secret, golden spot that teeters along the edge of neighborhood bar and craft cocktail paradise. The tiny space on the outer edge of the…


Barrel Proof

Boasting the finest selection of whiskey, bourbon and rye in the city, Barrel Proof is a nerd’s paradise. A number of international and imported options will keep even the most…

lone star saloon gay bar san francisco

Lone Star Saloon

The slightly lower-key companion to the Eagle—which is only two blocks away—Lone Star is a leather bar that’s as equally popular with bears as it is with hipsters. The floor is…