Derek Brown Singani Cocktail Recipe

Violet Eyes

Derek Brown translates his favorite song from the grunge era into cocktail form with this frothy, floral drink built on Singani.

Bitter Sour Cocktail Recipe

Canelli Sour

Building on a base of Contratto Bitter and tequila, plus grapefruit and lemon juices, Swenson dresses the summer-ready flavors for fall in this frothy sour.

Silver and Sand

Silver and Sand

Blood & Sand, a private cocktail club, offers 10 variations on the classic cocktail for which it is named. This is the most popular version.

Carbonara Sour from Co.So. Cocktail & Social

Carbonara Sour

Co.So's Carbonara Sour is a fresh and light vodka sour, with black pepper and citrus introducing a little kick, and a mellow savoriness from the guanciale-washed (fat-infused) vodka.