classic brandy flip cocktail

Brandy Flip

The spiritous companion to the classic Sherry Flip is a classic combination of whole egg, brandy and sugar, shaken to a frothy head and garnished with fresh nutmeg.

u drop inn flip modern brandy flip cocktail recipe

U Drop Inn Flip

Swapping French brandy for a mixture of rich Brandy de Jerez coupled with malty genever, alongsidecrème de cacao and a cocoa powder, Demario Wallace’s U Drop Inn Flip is a…


Elephant Flip

A bittersweet take on the Colonial flip, Sara Justice builds on a base of Ramazzotti, Jamaican rum and bourbon, adds flavors of chocolate and pomegranate and tops it all with…

hot ale flip cocktail recipe historic

Hot Ale Flip

Composed of beer, molasses, eggs and rum, Hot Ale Flips were all the rage at a time when fire pokers were ubiquitous hearth accouterments and warm beer was lauded as…