hot ale flip cocktail recipe historic

Hot Ale Flip

Composed of beer, molasses, eggs and rum, Hot Ale Flips were all the rage at a time when fire pokers were ubiquitous hearth accouterments and warm beer was lauded as…

eggnog cocktail recipe


While it feigns the role of liquid Christmas confection, this rich mixture of booze, egg, cream and sugar has been responsible (some reading this may even attest) for many a…

sherry flip cocktail

Sherry Flip

One of the original sherry drinks, described by Jerry Thomas in his 1888 version of How To Mix Drinks, as a “very delicious drink” that “gives strength to delicate people.”



(n.) While egg whites might show up in sours or fizzes, any drink with a whole egg could be considered a flip, a category that has been floating around since…


Winter Lady

A riff on a traditional flip, the spicy Winter Lady gets its frothy texture not from egg whites, but from a beer foam topper.