Tom Collins

If you take the American side of the story, this drink evolved from the “The Great Tom Collins Hoax” of 1874.


Cloud 9

When bartender Toby Maloney visited Jeremy Oertel at Mayahuel looking for a White Negroni, Oertel created this tequila-based riff with Lillet and gentian liqueur.

attention cocktail recipe


Thanks to the resurgence of absinthe and crème de violette, this lost classic is finding its way back into the barman's repertoire.

blue moon cocktail

Blue Moon

The Blue Moon was, like the Aviation and the Attention, an early adopter of violet-flavored liqueur, and one of the few classics to specify a red wine float.

Gin Sour Cocktail Recipe


A reincarnation of The White Lady that opts for Cocchi Americano and Chartreuse in place of Cointreau.


Twentieth Century

The Twentieth Century Limited was such an institution that a Brit dreamed up a cocktail to honor the train line. It's similar to a Corpse Reviver #2, with crème de…

singapore sling tropical cocktail recipe

Singapore Sling

The Singapore Sling (more a tikified punch than a sling), one of the great thirst-quenchers of the 20th-century, was created at the Raffles Hotel in 1915.