The Botanical Club

The Botanical Club

This bistro and bar is home to Italy’s first gin distillery. Initially, The Botanical Club simply offered an array of gin-based, herb-driven cocktails made from 50 or so labels, but…

strawberry letter brian hawthorne

Strawberry Letter

Hawthorne’s crimson-colored punch is a summery, sophisticated combination of gin, Lillet Rouge and strawberries, turned effervescent with sparkling wine.

parish hall punch summer sherry damon boelte

Parish Hall Punch

The punch Boelte remembers was a daring combination of sherbet and ginger ale; his summer Parish Hall Punch is full of amontillado sherry and cider instead.

babs in dc summer sherry punch

Babs in D.C.

Chantal Tseng pairs aromatic gin with sweet moscatel sherry and raspberries for a fruity, aromatic summer punch.