rumba seattle cocktail bar


When the weather gets drizzly and the mist rolls in, Rumba is Seattle's rum-filled remedy. The dark wood interior—which is meant to evoke mid-century Havana—is punctuated with bright turquoise bar…

el presidente cocktail recipe

El Presidente

Many tip their hats to Eddie Woelke, an American bartender in Havana in the 1920s for the creation of this drink. However, it found popularity upon the repeal of Prohibition…

daiquiri recipe

Hemingway Daiquiri

With his prodigious constitution for drinking (and then writing about it), Ernest Hemingway shows up frequently in cocktail mythology, and none perhaps more famously than in this drink’s.

remember the maine cocktail recipe

Remember the Maine

Described first by spirits writer Charles H. Baker in his 1939 classic, the Gentleman’s Companion, this rye-based drink has an ingredient list that’s part Sazerac, part Manhattan.