Satan's Whiskers London cocktails

Satan’s Whiskers

This brilliant Benthal Green neighborhood bar with bad boy attitude is decked out with taxidermy, including a cigarette-smoking monkey and a stout with a jaw-dropping vegetable appendage. And just on…

NOLA London cocktails


A love letter to the city that gave us the Sazerac, Dan Priseman’s NOLA is a pocket of Southern hospitality in Shoreditch. Located above Rivington Street’s Bedroom Bar, it’s not…

Nightjar London cocktail bar


Behind an inconspicuous wooden door, tucked between two junk food shops on the chaotic Old Street roundabout, is Nightjar. The moodily lit basement bar harkens back to jazz-era clubs with…

Lounge Bohemia London cocktails

Lounge Bohemia

Lounge Bohemia can be visited by appointment only with—ironically—a strict no-suit, no-office-wear policy. The unmarked door is like a porthole into 1970s Czechoslovakia with antique furniture from top hat-wearing owner…

Milk & Honey London cocktiails

Milk & Honey

The late Sasha Petraske's NYC original ignited the neo-speakeasy craze worldwide, and in 2002 its UK equivalent opened. With no signage and only a subtle entry bell, it still feels…

Happiness Forgets London cocktails

Happiness Forgets

While the rest of Hoxton Square is awash with the mainstream Shoreditch masses, Happiness Forgets remains a bastion of civilized drinking headed up by luminary Alastair Burgess and DJ Andy…

EEC London Cocktails

Experimental Cocktail Club

ECC's original Parisian location kickstarted the contemporary bar scene in Paris and shockwaves were felt throughout Europe. Its second location in London occupies three floors of a Chinatown townhouse designed…

Callooh Callay London cocktails

Callooh Callay

“O frabjous day! Callooh! Callay! He chortled in his joy.” Anyone familiar with Lewis Carroll’s Jabberwocky will approach this bar primed for playfulness. A surreal mishmash of styles with lounge…

69 Colebrooke Row London cocktails

69 Colebrooke Row

The glowing lantern on a quiet Islington backstreet signals the intimate mood at 69 Colebrooke Row. It's half 1950s Italian café, and half Federico Fellini film with gentle jazz and…