bestia restaurant downtown la


Down a deserted-looking street in the outer reaches of the Arts District lies one of LA's most popular restaurants. With a wine list that sports categories like "Wiggle. Wiggle. Wiggle"…

salt's cure restaurant los angeles

Salt’s Cure

Everything served at Salt's Cure is California-grown, including their wine list. In fact, save for a few select wines from Oregon, it's all cool-kid California, all the time. The list,…

trois mec los angeles

Trois Mec

This brainchild of chef Ludo Lefebvre and the co-owners/chefs of Animal is one of the harder reservations to score in the city. But if you do snag a seat at…

capo restaurant los angeles


A visit to Santa Monica's Capo is definitely going to set you back some dollars, but the old-school vibe and deep wine list is worth experiencing at least once. While…

spago restaurant LA


When you enter Spago, Wolfgang Puck’s legendary Beverly Hills restaurant, through its long, dark, opulent bar, there’s bound to be a movie star or two sitting on the velvet-covered bar…