The Espy pub Melbourne

The Esplanade Hotel

Built in 1878, The Esplanade Hotel (known affectionately as "The Epsy") is the oldest continuously running live music venue in Australia. The dingy but cavernous interior smells of beer, sweat,…

The Tote pub Melbourne

The Tote

Since 1980 The Tote has been bastion for punk, metal and hardcore acts—both local and international—and remains one of the last great punk venues in the world. In a testament…

Mitre Tavern pub Melbourne

The Mitre Tavern

Smack in the middle of the Central Business District, the Mitre Tavern is located inside Melbourne’s oldest building. While the bar tends to overflow with suits, it’s worth the trek,…

the beaufort bar melbourne

The Beaufort

The Beaufort is a nautical dive bar run by some of the best low-key cocktail bartenders in Australia. Sick of the pomp and circumstance of more upscale joints, the guys…

Siglo Rooftop bar Melbourne


It’s hard not to fall in love with Melbourne from up here. If you’re a fan of the finer things in life—oysters, champagne, vintage wine, whiskey and cigars—Siglo is the…

The Lui Bar Vue de Monde rooftop bar Melbourne

The Lui Bar

Sitting proudly atop one of Melbourne’s tallest buildings, this five-star restaurant boasts breathtaking views of the city skyline. Dinner at Vue de Monde will coast you a small fortune, but…

Madame Brussels rooftop bar Melbourne

Madame Brussels

Don your crispest pair of white tennis shorts and you’ll fit right in with the staff at this ultra-campy rooftop terrace. Ornate iron patio furniture, AstroTurf and pink plastic flowers…

Bomba rooftop bar Melbourne


This tiny bar, located on the 5th-floor roof above Lonsdale St., sports one of the best views in the city. With a 300-degree line of sight above the leaves of…

Loop Roof Melbourne

Loop Roof

The rooftop counterpart to art space-slash-bar Loop, Loop Roof offers garden-themed cocktails to match the various palms and potted plants that punctuate the space. The drinks are fun, fruit-forward and…