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Endless Summer

In his Endless Summer, or a "Negroni on vacation," as he calls it, Yanni Kehagiaras combines the big three with an ounce of pineapple and shakes the drink, pours it…

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Unlikely Negroni

Naren Young's drink sees red bitters combined with pineapple, coconut and spicy chili tincture, for a riff on the Italian classic by way of Thailand.

Cardinale Negroni Cocktail Recipe


This riff on the Negroni alters the ratios slightly and swaps Campari for slightly spicy Contratto Bitter and sweet vermouth for dry, making for a more complex and all-around drier…

negroni shakerato cocktail recipe john perry yates

Negroni Shakerato

The Shakerato takes the classic stirred combination of Campari, sweet vermouth and gin and shakes them into an icy, pink froth.

blonde redhead cocktail recipe john perry yates illustration

Blonde Redhead

A whisky-fied Negroni, the Blonde Redhead is two parts Italian and one part Japanese—just like the '90s rock band it's named for (a set of Italian twins and a Japanese…