Here, the slightly sweet Old Tom gin balances the bitter notes of gentian-based Suze and Bonal aperitifs, while rye whiskey, Cynar and Carpano Antica add a fall-friendly veneer to this…


Brockton Navy

The Brockton Navy places Old Tom gin alongside bittersweet Amargo-Vallet liqueur, then balances those contrasting flavors with lemon and orgeat, for sweetness.

Old Tom Gin Ford Cocktail Recipe

Whitechapel’s Ford Cocktail

In Whitechapel’s Ford Cocktail, Keli Rivers combines Jensen Old Tom gin with blanc vermouth and a splash of Bénédictine for a cocktail that drinks like a Martini, but with more…

Green Park Spring Drink Recipe

Green Park Cocktail

Eric Lorincz, head bartender at The Savoy created this herbaceous riff on one of the hotel's most famous eye-openers, the Corpse Reviver No. 2.