daiquiri recipe

Hemingway Daiquiri

With his prodigious constitution for drinking (and then writing about it), Ernest Hemingway shows up frequently in cocktail mythology, and none perhaps more famously than in this drink’s.



(n.) Invented in the 16th century soon after Portuguese colonialists introduced sugarcane to Brazil, cachaça is a spirit distilled from fermented sugarcane juice. Few regulations about the production exist. The…



Though the name “daiquiri” may be inexorably linked to the frozen drink menu at strip mall chain restaurants these days, the true recipe is a classic.


Butter-Infused Rum

Originally created by bartender Don Lee during his tenure at NYC cocktail bar PDT, this buttered rum is used for the base of his Cinema Highball.

the bachelor cocktail recipe thumb

The Bachelor

This rum and amaro-based recipe recalls the richness of an Old Fashioned, crossed with the anise undertones of a Sazerac.

cuba libre coca cola rum cocktail recipe

Cuba Libre

A perfect marriage of Cuba and America’s liquid sensibilities: good rum mingled with the unmistakable smack of Coke, lightened with a squeeze of fresh lime.