One of the enduring heavyweights in the cocktail world, the Manhattan is something of a twist on the Old Fashioned, most likely spurred by the late-19th century rise of sweet…


Autumn Sweater

The bittersweet lyrics of “Autumn Sweater,” from Yo La Tengo’s 1997 album, I Can Hear the Heart Beating As One, serve as the source material for this melancholy change-of-season shoegazer.

sazerac cocktail


At first glance, this cocktail looks like a twist on the Old Fashioned with a splash of absinthe and specialty bitters, but the backstory is a bit more complicated.


Rye Whiskey Syrup

Equal parts rye and sugar, this strong play on simple syrup is a necessary component of the Bitter Handshake, a recipe from Brad Thomas Parsons' book, Bitters.

Perfect Manhattan Recipe

Perfect Manhattan

The "perfect" modifier indicates a combination of dry and sweet vermouths as opposed to the original Manhattan's full measure of sweet vermouth.


Old Pal

Harry MacElhone credited his “old pal” and barfly William “Sparrow” Robertson with the inspiration for this drink.


New Old-Fashioned

The Old-Fashioned is as traditional of a cocktail as they come: a simple mix of spirits, sugar, bitters and water. This alternate version adds a bit of muddled fruit, in…

remember the maine cocktail recipe

Remember the Maine

Described first by spirits writer Charles H. Baker in his 1939 classic, the Gentleman’s Companion, this rye-based drink has an ingredient list that’s part Sazerac, part Manhattan.