hotel utah san francisco

Hotel Utah

“This is an old place,” declares the descriptor on the Hotel Utah’s menu. Old, indeed—especially for a young state such as California. The Utah was built in 1908, and—modern conveniences…

clooney's dive bar san francisco

Clooney’s Pub

Clooney’s Pub is one of the few bars that's weathered the Mission's recent development and come out on the other side unscathed. Its circular bar, around which you’ll find many of…

biondivino wine shop san francisco


Owner of Biondivino, Ceri Smith, is a San Francisco institution herself. With eight years under her belt at the Russian Hill store, Smith recently took the position of co-wine director…

little vine wine cheese shop san francisco

Little Vine

Little Vine is the kind of provisions shop every neighborhood covets. Stocked, European-style, with cheese, chocolate, charcuterie and—most importantly—wine, the tiny place operates as the essential corner store for last-minute…

terroir wine merchant san francisco


A wine bar-cum-wine merchant, Terroir is on par with San Francisco's original back-to-the-land movement, specializing in wines from small producers that focus on natural and biodynamic practices. Though the list…

ruby wine shop san francisco

Ruby Wine

A tiny haven for organic, biodynamic and natural wines, Ruby is a wine person's dream. Though the space is limited, there is a wealth of bottles from all over the…

healthy spirits beer and whiskey shop san francisco

Healthy Spirits

With two locations in San Francisco, Healthy Spirits is the city's go-to for rare Belgian beers and brown spirits. The shop is stacked, floor to ceiling, with Trappist ales, lambics…