The Phone Booth

The booze-slinging equivalent of a thrift shop, this Mission spot caters to its fair share of the tech hipsters in search of a cheap, stiff drink. But its fan base isn't…


The Summer Place

A Tenderloin mainstay, you’ll know you've found The Summer Place the moment you see its craggy exterior. Though not intuitive, a gas fireplace acts as a centerpiece, around which you’ll…


Li Po Lounge

A revered dive in San Francisco’s Chinatown, Li Po Lounge has remained relatively unchanged since opening in the 1930s. Considered by many to be the neighborhood's best dive, Li Po tends to…


Trad’r Sam’s

With roots in the Richmond long before the recent tiki movement, Trad’r Sam’s ignores the call for lavish decor and artisanal rum in favor of lowbrow cheap, sweet island-inspired cocktails. While…

powerhouse gay bar san francisco

The Powerhouse

The Powerhouse is the closest thing to a sex club as you’ll find in San Francisco (among places that serve alcohol, anyway). A nondescript hole-in-the-wall on Folsom Street, it’s decorated…


The Stud

What saves the Stud from being a run-of-the-mill SOMA bar is its focus on the LGBT population’s subcultures. Some Thing, the ingenious weekly drag party, draws a huge crowd by…

truck gay bar san francisco


Editor's Note: Sadly, Truck has closed as of July 31st, 2015. The northeast corner of the Mission is something of a dead zone. It’s basically Best Buy, the place where…

beretta san francisco restaurant


There's nothing fancy about Beretta, which is the main draw. When it could have just been a restaurant with a few house drinks, Beretta ended up as a restaurant with…