frenchette collins cocktail recipe

Eponine Collins

A French-inflected Collins from bar manager Sarah Morrissey at the newly opened Frenchette builds on a base of gin, complemented by Suze and Amaro Montenegro alongside both grapefruit and lemon…

sarah morrissey old fashioned

Deacon Blues

In her spin on an Old-Fashioned Sarah Morrissey opts for the smoky hint of mezcal alongside overproof bourbon as the base.

Sarah Morrissey cocktail

Donna Reed

Much like the legend of the Negroni Sbagliato, Sarah Morrissey’s spin on the Italian classic was born from a fortuitous mistake.


Sarah Morrissey’s Mojito

A runner up in our recent blind tasting of Mojitos, Sarah Morrissey's recipe from Frenchette calls on Banks 5 Island rum as the base of her take on the classic