(n.): A sweet almond-based syrup flavored with orange flower water. French in origin, it is used as a cocktail mixer in many classic drinks, such as the Mai Tai, the…

key lime daiquiri

Key Lime Daiquiri

Before 1926, the aromatic Key lime was America's common lime, so if you find yourself using an early 20th century cocktail book, your lime-infused drinks may require a bit of…



(n.) Historically made from tart-sweet pomegranate juice and sugar, grenadine is perhaps the most enduring in the category of concentrated fruit syrups that were popular cocktail ingredients in the late…

mai tai cocktail recipe dylan + jeni

Mai Tai

The credit for this iconic 1930s drink—whose name is a nod to the Tahitian, “Maita’i,” which means “good”—is usually given to venerable Los Angeles tiki bar Trader Vic’s.