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Purity of the Turf

A lighter, rhubarb-tinged spin on the Martinez from The Up & Up’s Matt Piacentini adds layers of bitter complexity and keeps the sweetness in check.


Suppressor #4

Calvert opts for a triple-threat of Cocchi Americano, cognac and vermouth, rounded out by pineau des charentes in his Suppressor #4.

noce vecchio cocktail recipe illustration john perry yates

Noce Vecchio

Made from entirely Italian ingredients, the Noce Vecchio (literally "old nut") is a Futurist play on the Old Hickory, a New Orleans cocktail that mixes sweet and dry vermouth with…

orange wine cocktail recipe illustration john perry yates

“Orange Wine”

A mixture of slightly bitter Contratto Bianco, oxidized Carpano Antica and savory Strega, an herbal Italian liqueur, mimic the flavor and color of orange wine.