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Rolled Gold

A riff on a riff, the Rolled Gold is almost a Negroni Sbagliato—a Negroni whose gin base has been swapped for prosecco—with tart sparkling grapefruit soda, forming the body of…


Martini & Rossi

(n.): Based in Turin, Italy, this company, which produces a variety of vermouths and sparkling wines, is most famous for their Rosso, a sweet Italian-style vermouth. Formed by wine merchant…


Italian Exit

The ultimate Italian triple threat, this bittersweet stirred drink marries Carpano dry vermouth and Carpano Antica with a splash of Fernet-Branca.


Salmon Martini

Salmon-Infused Gin
Add 8 ounces cold-smoked salmon per each liter of gin. Refrigerate for 3 weeks to infuse, and filter well to remove solids before using.