the tune inn dc dive bar

The Tune Inn

Guy Fieri loves The Tune Inn, which should turn most discerning people the other way, but it’s been in the District since 1947 and has earned its place on the list…

showtime lounge dc

Showtime Lounge

Primarily a jukebox joint, Showtime has a stellar collection of R&B and vintage soul curated by owner and DJ Paul Vivari. And, best of all, it's free. Drinks aren’t much…

px cocktail bar dc


It may be in Alexandria, but PX is certainly considered part of D.C.'s progressive cocktail scene. When it first opened in 2006, the bar was well ahead of the curve with…

columbia room cocktail bar dc

Columbia Room

Behind the rowdy Passenger lies the Columbia Room, a prayer nook of a bar that has maintained its reputation as one of D.C.'s best cocktail experiences. Served like a tasting menu, Derek…

2 birds 1 stone dc cocktail bar

2 Birds 1 Stone

Unbeknownst to passersby, the subterranean 2 Birds 1 Stone sits beneath its Southeastern Asian sister restaurant Doi Moi on an unassuming stretch of 14th Street. Adam Bernbach, star D.C. bartender…

bar mini dc cocktail bar


A high-concept bar to go alongside José Andrés's high-concept restaurant, minibar, this place is all sleek white interior, surrealist furniture and gold Japanese bar tools. With glassware sourced from all…

mockingbird hill dc

Mockingbird Hill

Derek Brown and Chantal Tseng's love letter to sherry, ham and coffee is just one piece of Brown's 7th Street empire (down the way are Eat the Rich and Southern Efficiency, his…