The Trouble with Women and Whiskey

There was a time when "Ladies' Night meant burning witches at the stake," Serious Drinks reports— and all for drinking or distilling whiskey. We'd all be in trouble if that was the…


Made of Moonshine

Lora Smith grew up in a corner of Kentucky where bootlegging didn’t die with Prohibition. Up until the 2000s it defined their culture of drinking—and fostered a sense of belonging—that,…


New York Sour

New York has a knack for adopting everything from fashion to food to people, and molding each into its own particular blend of outrageous, sophisticated and neurotic. Such is the…


Carroll Gardens

Joaquín Simó's contribution to the NYC neighborhood drink family—an ode to the Italian-American roots of Carroll Gardens.


Mint Julep

When done up properly, the Mint Julep can be a fussy drink—all crushed ice and fancy silver cup—which is exactly why it might be surprising that it packs such a…


Benton’s Old-Fashioned

PDT's Benton’s Old Fashioned is the drink that introduced the concept of “fat-washing” spirits—a technique of flavoring liquor with cooking fats—to the cocktail world.


Vieux Carré

Stanley Clisby Arthur, author of Famous New Orleans Drinks and How to Mix ‘Em, attributed this drink’s original recipe to the Hotel Monteleone, located in the NOLA's Vieux Carré (French…


Amaretto Sour

The Amaretto Sour implies pre-bottled mix and university bar crowds of a certain variety. Until we came across Portland bartender Jeffrey Morgenthaler’s version, we’d written off the headaches of days…



San Francisco bartender Erik Adkins uses the basic Whiskey Sour blueprint for this autumn-inspired drink.