St. Vincent

St. Vincent, which opened in 2012, has offered San Franciscans a glimpse of a more casual side of sommelier and journalist, David Lynch, who is perhaps best known in SF…

gramercy tavern nyc

Gramercy Tavern

Juliette Pope, the longtime wine director for Danny Meyer's beloved Gramercy Tavern, has been one of the city's quiet influencers for more than a decade. As one of Meyer's most lauded…

capo restaurant los angeles


A visit to Santa Monica's Capo is definitely going to set you back some dollars, but the old-school vibe and deep wine list is worth experiencing at least once. While…

trattoria da cesare al casaletto

Cesare al Casaletto

After a career in fine dining, sommelier Leonardo Vignoli—who splits his time between the floor and the kitchen—opened this neo-trattoria in Rome’s Gianicolense district. The menu offers all the Roman…