Xavier Herit

Xavier Herit | Owner, Wallflower

Fresh off the heels of a stint at New York’s Experimental Cocktail Club, bartender Xavier Herit opened his own concept, Wallflower, in 2013. Though he had designed the small, 45-seat…


Little Deuce Coupe

To the watermelon base, Xavier Herit adds a measure of acidity in the form of lime juice, using the two contrasting flavors as foils for each other in this refreshing…

adam and eve cocktail recipe thomas schauer

Adam and Eve

Xavier Herit's biblically named drink is a nod to the forbidden fruit Adam and Eve couldn't keep their curious paws off of.

ambrosia #2 cocktail recipe xavier herit thomas schauer

Ambrosia #2

Inspired by Arnaud’s Ambrosia cocktail of the1920s, the Ambrosia #2 balances a heady mixture of brandy, sherry, maraschino, verjus and champagne.