12 Steps Down

12 steps down philly
Image: Facebook/12 Steps Down
EVERY DAY: 11 A.M. - 2 A.M.
215.238.0379 | WEBSITE

A dozen concrete steps below the Italian Market sidewalk lies this “group therapy bar,” so focused on quality drinking that it openly mocks the principles of AA. They have all the requisite macro brews, plus a surprisingly expansive take on spirits and craft beer. The bar also plays regular host to irregular events, like “Yacht Rock Bingo,” a spin on the blue-hair VFW diversion scored by smooth adult tunes.

Known For
  • karaoke
  • cheap date
  • live music
  • bar food
  • craft beer
  • day drinking
  • sports
  • games
What to drink
A beer and a shot, or one of their Bloody Marys over the weekend.
Italian Market
This is one of the few bars in Philly that still permits smoking.