Attaboy is the everyman’s cocktail bar hidden in plain sight on an obscure bit of Eldridge Street. From Michael McIlroy and Sam Ross, the pair that helmed Milk & Honey throughout the late aughts, this understated beauty is the younger, less self-conscious sister that took over the space when M&H moved uptown (there’s a window now, and no reservations are required). The two are the modern-day Abbott & Costello of the cocktail world, chasing and playing off one another’s moves, while charming the hell out of whoever wants to watch and drink. With the same no-menu format as M&H, bartenders feel out your vibe and deliver what are always some of the most solid cocktails in all of New York—and, perhaps, the world.

Known For
  • craft cocktails
What to drink
This is ground-zero for co-owner Sam Ross's Penicillin cocktail (Islay scotch, ginger, honey, lemon), a drink that has been proclaimed, the world over, a modern classic. His Paper Plane (bourbon, Nonino amaro, Aperol, lemon) and Michael McIlroy's Rome With a View (Campari, sweet vermouth, lime, soda) are also cocktails of note.
Lower East Side