Avenue Pub

This bar’s structure dates back to the mid-18th century, and has a large second floor balcony that overlooks passersby and Mardi Gras parades come February. Avenue Pub boasts the city’s largest collection of beers—local, oddball, classic—and a very large list of whiskies. Recently smoke-free and open 24 hours, it’s an ideal place to jump-start or round-out your evening with a craft brew.



Known For
  • cheap date
  • full menu
  • craft beer
  • day drinking
  • sports
  • outdoor / patio
  • lots of whiskey
What to drink
Ask your bartender to make a selection from one of their more exotic (read: super malted, funky) beers.
Avenue's draft system is one of three in the city that uses a pressure system of CO2 and nitrogen, which gives the beers a smoother mouthfeel.