Bar at Clement

The platonic ideal of the hotel bar, this lobby-style lounge on the second floor of the Peninsula could be anywhere in the world, save for its lush views of Fifth Avenue and Central Park below. Perfectly executed classics and an Asian-inflected selection of original cocktails are complimented by the most hospitable selection of free snacks in the city; herbed green olives, candied almonds and cubes of gruyere set out for every patron and lavishly refilled. The staff is unfailingly friendly, making this an ideal antidote to the elbowing, shopping-bag-wielding crowds outside.

Known For
  • bar food
  • day drinking
  • hotel bar
What to drink
The smart menu organizes its cocktails by flavor profile, as many better bars do; for a refreshing sip try the Sassafras Cobbler, garnished with sassafras leaf and tart pickled blueberries.
Midtown East