Bar Avignon

Bar Avignon may not be well known nationally, but in Portland, it has long maintained a position as one of the city’s most reliable wine destinations. A cozy, narrow space that’s almost all bar—save for a few tables and a back communal table—there are few better places on the east side to pop in for a bite and bottle. Longtime manager Patrick Gaffney and Randy Goodman—who co-owns the place with his wife, Nancy—maintain a relatively short and affordable (most wines are marked up just 25 percent on top of retail) list of wines that split their allegiances between Oregon, Washington and the Old World.

Known For
  • Oregon wine
  • low wine markups
  • craft cocktails
  • full menu
  • happy hour
What to drink
While you cannot go wrong with what Goodman and Gaffney have in rotation from the Old World, this is one of the best places to drink local wines that you may not find anywhere else, at prices that routinely slump below $40 per bottle.
From 5 p.m. – 6 p.m., Monday - Friday, Bar Avignon is home to a killer happy hour menu that includes everything from $4 plates of daily charcuterie to $7 bowls of pasta.