Billy Sunday

Image: Billy Sunday
MONDAY - FRIDAY 5 P.M. - 2 A.M. | SATURDAY 3 P.M - 3 A.M. | SUNDAY 3 P.M. - 2 A.M.
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Logan Square’s Billy Sunday is a bona fide sanctuary for bitters lovers, boasting a striking collection of hundreds of vintage and modern amari. So, if you don’t need a glossary to decipher terms like wormwood, gentian, Fernet or kola nut, you’re in the right place. Italian bitters and other astringent ingredients are spun into house cocktails with consistent balance, making for a drinks list that has the power to surprise and delight even the most uppity cocktail experts.

Known For
  • craft cocktails
  • full menu
  • lots of whiskey
  • bar food
What to drink
House “tonics,” bitter or bottled cocktails, rare scotch.
Logan Square
The bar hosts seasonal reservation-only tasting sessions, called Amaro, I Love You, featuring a range of rare and vintage acquisitions.