Brendan Behan

Brendan Behan Boston Irish pub
Image: Twitter/TheBehanPub
MONDAY - SATURDAY: 12 P.M. - 1 A.M. | SUNDAY: 1 P.M. - 1 A.M.
617.522.5386 | WEBSITE

The Behan is a no-fuss, no-muss kind of pub. You won’t find flat-screen TVs, a credit card machine, hordes of Sox jerseys or even a kitchen. No, The Behan brings it back to basics, back to what bars were always meant to be for: drinking and talking, with maybe a touch of hell-raising. This is fitting, of course, since the place is named after the famous Irish writer known for exactly these things. Come here to hang with indie and punk rockers, old dudes telling stories and regulars from the hood who bring their own pizza or greasy Chinese into the bar to make an evening of it.


Known For
  • day drinking
  • live music
  • craft beer
What to drink
Guinness. Or whatever they’re pouring from cask.
Jamaica Plain