Deck 5

Deck 5 Berlin hidden bar
Image: Deck 5
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It seems like such an obvious idea: take the top deck of a multi-story car park attached to a bland shopping centre on the northern fringe of Prenzlauer Berg and cover it with sand. Then add some picnic benches, some low, faux-leather sofas, some beach umbrellas and a few walkways made of shipping pallets, and suddenly you’ve got a rooftop beach bar with spectacular views of the city. Although it tends to fill up on summer nights, Deck 5 is also a relaxed and pleasingly unconventional place to enjoy a cold beer on a hot afternoon.

Known For
  • outdoor / patio
  • bar food
  • dancing
What to drink
The drink selection is limited to a standard selection of lagers and hefeweizens, red and white wine and a few basic mixed drinks.
Prenzlauer Berg
There is a cover charge (usually between one and three euros).