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DAILY: 4 P.M. - 1 A.M.
617.695.1806 | WEBSITE

Chef Barbara Lynch’s Drink has been the stage for a generation of wildly talented Boston bartenders. Inside this massive basement room is three yawning bars meant for drinking.  Behind one is a massive ice block that is slowly whittled down throughout the night for large format cubes and shaved ice. Behind another is a bartender making Southsides or Ward Eights or any number of classics. And behind yet another is a lady or gentleman setting overproof rum on fire in a bowl of Scorpion punch. And that’s not even to mention the thoughtful wine list and exceptional bar food. Drink is a split-personality bar in the best way possible.


Known For
  • craft cocktails
  • good wine
  • bar food
  • tiki
What to drink
This is a place to order an expertly executed classic, but the bartenders are cocktail catalogs. Ask for anything.
Fort Point
Every second Sunday, Drink holds a tiki night complete with flaming citrus shells and orchid blossoms, even in the depths of winter.