El Cortez

Image: El Cortez
EVERY DAY: 4 P.M - 4 A.M.
347.599. 2976 | WEBSITE

From the same people behind Williamsburg’s Commodore, Bushwick now has its own version of the quirky, part-tiki neo-dive. Paper umbrellas and destination-worthy nachos abound, with a solid canon of generous frozen drinks (the frozen mojito is imperative), and an upstairs space where dancing is encouraged.

Known For
  • outdoors / patio
  • tiki
  • bar food
  • full menu
  • cheap date
  • dancing
What to drink
A frozen Mojito, or the Commodore: a Piña Colada with a float of amaretto on top. Trust.
Don't you dare leave here without ordering the nachos.


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