Keife & Co.

Keife & Co.
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John Keife and team run this retail shop with a clear point of view, specializing in terroir-driven, minimally handled small-production wines from the most revered producers across the globe. A specialty foods section mirrors that ethos with charcuterie and artisanal cheeses sliced to order. There’s no drinking on site, but it’s well worth swinging by to stock your home bar. 

Known For
What to drink
An extensive selection of amaro, liqueurs, bitters, hard to find spirits and terroir-driven small wine producers with heavy representation of importers Rosenthal and Louis/Dressner.
Warehouse District
Ask what’s new and you’re likely to get a passionate reply about a cool natural producer from Saumur-Champigny, an agricole rum or a famed vermouth that’s finally arrived stateside. Whatever it is, it’ll be good.