lambic zoon
Image: Facebook/LambicZoon
TUESDAY - SUNDAY: 5:30 P.M. - 2 A.M.
+39 02 3653 4840 | WEBSITE

As the name implies, LambicZoon, which opened in late 2013, celebrates wild fermented beers. Though all the usual Belgian suspects make an appearance on the tap list, there is also an interesting selection of Italian sour ales, as well as conventionally fermented imported and domestic beers. The food menu features fried starters, meat and cheese plates and what some call Milan’s best burger.

Known For
  • craft beer
  • lots of whiskey
  • outdoors / patio
  • bar food
What to drink
Cantillon on tap, vintage bottles, LoverBeer’s sour fruit ales, Bi-Du’s Rodersch.
Porta Vittoria