Locust Rendezvous

locust rendezvous philadelphia
Image: Facebook/Locust
MONDAY - SUNDAY: 11 A.M. - 2 A.M.
215.985.1163 | WEBSITE

There’s a genuine energy bolstering “The Vous,” a true oasis of no-bullshit Center City drinking that comes alive during games and chugs along the rest of the time. Servers and bartenders are incredibly graceful with their mixed clientele, featuring everyone from hardcore boozehounds to your one friend who inexplicably wants a Swedish Fish shot.

Known For
  • cheap date
  • bar food
  • full menu
  • day drinking
  • sports
What to drink
A $2 beer, a $3 beer or the “shot of the week.”
Rittenhouse Square
Spanish fries. That is all.