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Ice bars originated in Scandinavia, where they make the harsh reality of winter a little more tolerable and ice-carving contests a little more practical. But in the past few years, they’ve begun popping up in Vegas and around the world, mostly in places that would never see enough ice to build a dollhouse, let alone a bar. To access the icy delights of the Minus5 bar in the Midtown Hilton on 6th Avenue, pay a cover charge, don a heavy-duty parka and gloves and channel your inner Laplander. Inside is an ice-lined gem complete with sculptures and roaming photographers to document the moment. Get your drink inside a hollowed-out ice glass, but be sure to use a coaster; it could fuse to the ice-block bar if you’re not careful.

Known For
  • craft cocktails
  • hotel bar
  • lots of vodka
What to drink
Straight vodka seems most appropriate to honor this bar’s Nordic heritage (no aquavit behind this bar), but those of us who know the pleasures of an ultra-frosty Martini would be forgiven for leaning to gin.
Midtown West
Your cover charge gets you re-entry privileges throughout the day; while you don’t want to linger too long, a second dip into the cold on a hot summer’s day is a welcome treat.