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Chicago’s most well-known Italian restaurant, Spiaggia, recently had a make-over to spruce up its 30-year-old self; it has not skipped a beat. Not only is the food and service as tight as ever, the wine program—run by longtime Chicago sommelier Rachael Lowe—offers up the sort of quality you’d expect from one of Chicago’s longest running four-star restaurants. While Italian wine is undoubtedly the thing to drink on this 700-bottle list, the list of grower champagnes is also one of the city’s best. If you aren’t looking for the fine dining experience, hit the lounge at Spiaggia, where you can drink well in a more casual environment.

Known For
  • Italian wine
  • vintage wine
  • craft cocktails
  • full menu
  • fine dining
  • amari
What to drink
This is the place to splurge on a nice bottle. Since Spiaggia has been around so long, they have a cellar with some old vintages at very good prices. Pay special attention to regions other than Piedmont and Tuscany and check the vintages. You can drink some seriously well-made, mature wine here at a great price if you’re willing to forego marquee names and go off-piste a bit.
Magnificent Mile
Absolutely do not skip the cheese cart. It alone is worth a visit.